Clarity vs Clarity Cloud

November 18, 2021 Matt Mason

Clarity’s Powerful Automation Tool Now hosted in the Cloud

IMAGINiT Clarity software with its powerful Revit task automation capabilities is now available in a fully hosted BIM automation platform.

Is Clarity Cloud right for your organization?

If your team can’t justify the hardware/software costs to install the on-premise version of Clarity, IMAGINiT has recently introduced a fully re-architected cloud-based platform that features the most popular Clarity components with new features continually being added. The current capabilities of Clarity Cloud make it ideal for small- to medium-sized companies with 25 or fewer Revit users and projects that require less than 1.5 GB of RAM.

Highlights of Clarity Cloud

  • Automates common Revit and AutoCAD tasks
  • Supports only BIM360 Projects
  • Supports Autodesk BIM 360 Published Models (not live BIM360 Models)
  • Is accessible by an unlimited number of users
  • Performs tasks in the cloud with IMAGINiT software or Autodesk Forge

Return on Investment

The initial investment for Clarity Cloud is cost effective due to no additional costs for hardware, software, and IT staff required for the on-premise version:

By automating common tasks, your team will reduce the time spent on repetitive activities, allowing them to keep projects moving and be more innovative.

Learn more

Visit the IMAGINiT Clarity Cloud page or contact us for more information. 

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Matt Mason

Director of Software Solutions.<br><br> Matt manages the Software Products Group - responsible for the definition and development of a variety of web and desktop software products for the AEC and manufacturing industries. He is responsible for the IMAGINiT products including Clarity, Pulse, and the IMAGINiT Utilities.

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