How to automate the creation of DXF Flat Patterns when parts are released

September 26, 2022 Bob Felton


Once the workflow is set to generate a dxf flat pattern from an Inventor .ipt file whose File Subtype property is set to Sheet Metal as detailed here, the next logical step is to automate that flat pattern creation task with the Job Processor that occurs when files are released.


The configuration procedure is not evident for how to add a custom job to the Lifecycle transition from a Work in Progress (or similar) state to a released state.


With the IMAGINiT Vault Client Utilities from the 2021 release or later installed, to match the Vault Client version, the custom job for  IMAGINIT.SHEETMETALFLATPATTERNCREATOR can be added to a lifecycle transition using the Lifecycle Event Editor like this.

Once opened, first select your preferred Lifecycle Definition, then click Actions to 'Add Job to Transition'.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Job list to select IMAGINIT.SHEETMETALFLATPATTERNCREATOR

Then go back to the Actions menu and Commit Changes.

But, notice that if you select and right-click on a file other than an Inventor .ipt, then right-click again to  'Create Flat Pattern' under the IMAGINiT Utilities flyout, you will see this message:


So how does the Job Processor handle non-ipt files when an assembly is released? All the Flat Pattern Jobs will appear in the Job Queue with non-ipt files included.


Any jobs in the Job Queue whose file is not an ipt will cause an error and this message in the VaultClientUtilsx.log, located here: Start > Run > %temp% (example: VaultClientUtils637934712329319234.log).


The solution is to just wait for the queue to update. After a while, the non-eligible flat pattern jobs will be automatically removed from the Job Queue.

Also, see this article Generate on-demand DXF Sheet Metal Flat Patterns in Vault

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