Bringing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Design Simulation Within Reach

IMAGINiT Technologies

Finite Element Analysis or FEA optimizes the structural design of physical objects by digitally analyzing the effects of real world stresses and identifying areas of weakness. FEA is a powerful form of design simulation because it validates how products will perform in the real world.

With FEA, companies can avoid over- or under-engineering, decrease rework, reduce the number of design iterations, validate performance predictions, and more. Although the cost and complexity of FEA have been decreasing in recent years, some small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may not have the resources or confidence to go it alone.

We offer consulting and training services that can help any product developer or manufacturer take advantage of FEA, including:

  • FEA Simulation Services. This is often a good option for SMBs that aren’t equipped to tackle FEA on their own. IMAGINiT experts perform the finite element analysis and based on the results, recommend design modifications to the customer. The process relies on design review meetings with the client which ensures that the engagement is highly collaborative.
  • FEA Training. Employee training prevents inefficient and incorrect usage of FEA software, as well as inaccurate results. Standard and customized training can be delivered at the client site or at an IMAGINiT training location. We offer two types of FEA training:
    • Standard training courses. These are based on official Autodesk courseware for FEA software products and available in a classroom setting or LIVE online.
    • Customized implementation program. This is an application/project-based knowledge transfer program. IMAGINiT’s training specialists teach software and related workflows based on a customer’s project. This reduces employee learning curves and generates ROI faster.

With FEA, organizations can reduce their time-to-market, decrease costs, and increase product differentiation. To learn more about how partnering with IMAGINiT can bring FEA within reach of any manufacturer, download our recent whitepaper.

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