New Capabilities in Clarity Cloud

One of the primary differences between the “on-premise” version of Clarity and our newer, Clarity Cloud SaaS product has been made equal!

Clarity Cloud uses Autodesk Forge to perform manual, repetitive tasks on Revit models in the cloud, without the need for local copies of Revit to do the processing. But Forge has historically had a limitation – that it could only open “Published” BIM360 models – not the “live” Revit model that people were expecting (and 90% of customers have chosen with the “on-premise” product). IMAGINiT has been working with the Autodesk team responsible for this new capability for several years while they worked out the issues around it. The new feature was quietly introduced at Autodesk University, and Clarity Cloud supported it immediately:


NOTE: The new capability is only available with Revit models that are 2022 higher…

What does this mean for Clarity Cloud?

When doing printing and exporting, you can now be working with the “live” Revit model you’d prefer, without needing to worry about what’s published. This also opens the door for us to start offering some of our more interesting Tasks, which are capable of modifying a Revit Model and doing a Sync-To-Central with any changes, including Audit and Compact, Transfer Project Standards, and more.

Look for more interesting capabilities being brought to Clarity Cloud in the coming months!

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