Passing Model iProperties to Drawing iProperties

April 27, 2020 Hal Carruthers

During the documentation process, we often use the same iProperties from our modeling files (parts & assemblies) to populate fields in our Bill of Materials, Parts Lists, drawing Title Blocks and Vault.

When we create a drawing, we often find ourselves re-entering the same data for the drawing’s iProperties that we entered for documented model’s iProperties.

For our drawing Title Blocks, this duplicated effort can be removed by mapping the Title Block fields to get iProperty data from the model. However, this solution still leaves the drawing iProperties empty.

Inventor does provide a solution for this from the Document Setting where we can configure the drawing to use the iProperties of the model.


Start a new file or open one of your drawing templates files, navigate to Tools, and select Document Settings.

Ribbon Bar

On the Document Settings Dialog, select the Drawing Tab and then select “Copy Model Properties”

Doc Settings

Enable the functionality by selecting “Copy Model Properties” and then select the required properties that to be copied from the model.

Property Settings

Save your template file back to your template directory. When you create the first base view of a new drawing, the selected iProperties will update with the corresponding values from the model file.

Note: Any edits to existing values in the model’s iProperties will not update the drawing iProperties after the base view is created.

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