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April 13, 2021 Hal Carruthers

Reset UI for Inventor 2022

One of the challenges of working with Inventor while using a laptop and multiple monitors is losing the various panels or dialog boxes when you go to single monitor. If you have ever lost an Inventor dialog window, you understand the frustration that many of us have experienced. With Inventor 2021 and earlier releases you need to press “Alt-Space” and then press “M” and use the keyboard arrow keys to move the lost window back.  The next challenge then becomes which direction do I move the hidden dialog?

A new feature in Inventor 2022 that needs to be shared is the “Reset UI”.  This new feature is hidden in an inconspicuous location under Tools and the Options well under the View Tab. Unless you read the What’s New in 2022 section in Help, you most likely would not be aware of this subtle, but very welcome feature.

Format Text for Inventor 2022

Another subtle change is with the Format Text dialog box. In Inventor 2021 and earlier releases there are two source options for adding Properties and Parameters to a note:

In Inventor 2022 the options have been merged into one:

File Tabs in Inventor 2022

When working with multiple files open it can be tedious to close files at the end of your Inventor session. New in Inventor 2022 is the ability to Right Mouse Click on a tab and select Close All.



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