How To Identify Inventor File Sub Types in Vault

June 15, 2023 Hal Carruthers

Vault users may have the need to identify specific Inventor document types in Vault for downstream needs. 
For example:

  •  Weldment Assemblies need to be located and separated from other Assemblies in Vault and then distributed to the production department for fabrication.
  • Sheet Metal Models need to be identified to create DXF files of the flat patterns in preparation for fabrication.

Inventor files have an internal hidden iProperty, “Doc Sub Type”, that is exposed to Vault and can be mapped to a custom Vault property. 

This document will outline the process for creating a custom Vault Property and mapping it to use  the hidden Inventor iProperty.

Create the custom Vault property:

  • Log into Vault as an Administrator
  • Access the Property Definitions and create a new Vault property.
  • From the New Property dialog
  • Assign the Name
  • Set Type to Text
  • Assign the appropriate Categories.
  • Map the Properties for Inventor files = Doc Sub Type Name

  • Repeat to map the Properties for Inventor DWG = Doc Sub Type Name

For Inventor the values for “Doc Sub Type Name” are:

  • Part.ipt = Modeling
  • Sheet Metal.ipt = Sheet Metal
  •  Assembly.iam = Assembly
  • Weldment.iam = Weldment
  • Detail Drawings .dwg & .idw = Drawing Layout

Once the custom Vault property has been created and mapped, the Custom Property can be:

  • Displayed as a property column.
  • Used in search queries.
  • Used as a property in a Category Rule.
  • Have DXF files batch created using Vault 2024 “Create DXF” either manually or as a part of a Lifecycle transition using the Job Processor. 



Automate the creation of DXF files from Sheet Metal Flat Patterns with Vault Professional 2024

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Manufacturing Applications Expert<br><br>Hal has been working closely with clients since 1997 to develop and deliver integrated solutions utilizing Autodesk products including AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, Inventor and Vault. His qualifications range from mechanical design engineering to pre-sales and post-sales consulting for the integration of mechanical software solutions. Hal has over 15 years of mechanical design experience in a variety of industry disciplines. He has worked as a Product Design Engineer to design, develop, fabricate and test new surgical instruments for use in Endoscopic and Open Surgery, specific applications for product use include: vessel ligation, wound closure, endoscopic instrumentation and specialty surgical devices. Hal has been awarded two U.S. Patents for medical devices he developed. Additionally during his tenure, Hal developed and maintained Engineering Documentation and CAD Standards and provided CAD product training and support for all users and new hires.

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