Civil 3D: Multiple Baseline Corridor and Section Slope Values

Plotted cross section appear to have incorrect slope values.  In this scenario is a single baseline design win a offset.

Subassembly design slopes is set to 2.00% (left and right) on both main Assembly line (left) and the Offset (right).

The corridor design is perpendicular to their base alignment and will only show design slopes correctly at their attached centerline. 

When plotting sections there is a shift in slope value.  Below, both sample lines are generated at station 14+50, from their respective baselines.  Shown in “A” shown as blue and “B” shown in red

Cross Sections from Baseline A

Roadway section shown 2%, Offset design shown skewed.

Cross Sections from Baseline B

Roadway section appear as skewed, Offset design shown at 2%.

Design WILL be 2% on both centerlines because the corridor is perpendicular to the attachment point.

In the end the design is correct, it is just a matter of what baseline is used to create cross sections that is causing a shift.

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