ABC Pro for Civil: Civil 3D Survey Databases

Lets explore how and if the Autodesk BIM Collaborate (ABC) Pro for Civil  can support Survey Database functionality.  This post will explore two main things:
     1.    Survey Settings on the ABC
     2.    Survey Databases on the ABC

The purpose here is NOT to train how use and configure Survey Databases, its simply to test if they can be hosted on an ABC project.

Part 1: testing Civil 3D Survey Databases settings on the ABC:

First, locating where Civil 3D survey setting paths can be found > TOOLSPACE palette > Survey tab > Survey User Settings button.  The dialog box shows the paths default to:  
C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2024\enu\Survey

For testing purposes files with “ABC” appended as prefix have been previously added to that ABC folder that will be pointing to.  The categories for Survey Database Settings:
     •    Survey Database Defaults
     •    Equipment Databases
     •    Figure Prefix Databases
     •    Linework Code Set

Everything looks good, as the ABC paths hold after closing and opening Civil 3D.

Part 2:  testing Civil 3D Survey Databases on the ABC:

Next, will be to test will be if a Survey Database can be created on the ABC.  Start by right clicking from the Survey Database category > select Set working folder… 

Set Working folder to location on the ABC for the project.

Then, right clicking from the Survey Database category > select New local survey database.  

For testing purposes it will be called “Survey DB – ACC”.  

Now, survey data will be imported and prosses by the newly created Survey Database and see if it will yield data in the drawing.  From the dialog box Specify Data Source step, the file selected (FieldSuvey.txt) resides on the ABC project:

Once finished stepping through the Import Survey Data dialog box, and all the appropriate setting are selected, figures and points will appear in the drawing as expected.  Even if the drawing is saved, closed out and opened, the link to the data stored on the ABC remains.

From what it appears Survey Databases can exist on the ABC.

Surveyors can rejoice as it looks like full Survey functionally is supported on an ABC project.  IMAGINiT can help you understand and configure Civil 3D functionality to match your workflows.

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