ABC Pro for Civil: AutoCAD BING Image Service (geolocation)

The Bing Maps service has been a function for the AutoCAD line of products for about a decade now.  Extensive write ups can be found on how to enable and use the service in AutoCAD.

Let’s explore the behaviors of the BING Map Service on files stored on Autodesk BIM Collaborate (ABC) Pro for Civil .

AutoCAD:  Live Map Service and Captured images:

First, USER1 enables the Live Map Service in drawing saved in the ABC Project.   Next, USER2 can open the drawing from the ABC Project and as expected the Live Map Service is enabled.:
*NOTE: because of  the BING service it may take a bit longer to open and show map*

Similarly, if a Live Map Image is Captured (clipped), by USER1 it will be shown for USER2, when drawings are saved and shared on a ABC Project:

Users sharing drawing files over the ABC with BING Map Service enabled or embedded Captured images behave as expected.

Viewing Drawings on Web via ABC:  Live vs Clipped images:

While trying to view ANY drawing that has the Live Map Service enabled, file will open but NOT show any images.   Regardless of if you are the creator (USER1) or a viewer of the drawing file (USER2).  The 
However, if the Live Map Image is Captured, the clipped image is embedded to the drawing itself and any user will be able to see the image.

BING functionality works well for users collaborating on the ABC with drawing files directly.  A hurdle for the live service via the web interface, but images will show when clipped.

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