C3D: Code Set Styles (part 2) - Corridors

In this post we review the configuration for Code Set Styles to be used for Corridors, which are used for detailed display, performance, or plotting.  With the right configuration you have the option to highlight or hide elements of the Corridor.  

  • Lines Only
  • Plan View Hatching
  • No Display

Many of the out of the box code set styles, will display ALL assembly elements (Links, Markers, Shapes) with in the corridor.  There are several styles to choose from by default.  The "All Codes" (multi-color) and "Basic" (single color) styles are shown below:

Lets see what other stories we can tell by customizing styles.

LINES ONLY VIEW (custom created):
For simple display purposes, most linework can be hidden.  In the example below the Cut and Fill linework is highlighted in RED and GREEN, the rest is hidden or simplified. 

The look here is achieved by using individual Cut and Fill Feature Line styles that use their respective layers and linetype patterns.

HATCHING VIEW (custom created):
For a detailed view, more styles can be assigned to Point, Links and Shapes.  Including Material Area Fill Style to hatch and distinguish design elements in PLAN view.