Drawing Sloped Pipe in Fabrication MEP

Process: Slopping Pipe with Design Line

Step 1: Draw your plumbing route with Design Line.

Step 2: Define the “Source”. Go to the Node tab and select the first option.

The source is the lowest point of the pipe run. Typically, the tie-in point from the sewer.

This is what the source looks like.

Step 3: Click on the “Line” tab and select “Edit”.

Step 4: Select and highlight lines you wish to edit and slope, right click and select “Fall”.

Step 5: Set slope to one of the following: (negative numbers will slope the opposite direction)

96 = 1 /8”

48 = 1 /4”

24 = 1 /2”

Step 6: Repeat if different slopes are needed for different sizing.

Step 7: Select “OK” once finished setting slope.

Step 8: Select the “draw 3D” button and fill in 3D.  This will draw the pipe in 3D.  Then check in a side or 3D view to see slope.   


Process: Sloping using Attacher.

Step 1: Select the system you want to use and start with a piece of pipe.

Step 2: Select the size pipe and place in the drawing.

Step 3: Once the pipe is set there will be a second window that says Fix Relative. You will set the fall here.

Step 4: Set slope to one of the following: (negative numbers will slope the opposite direction)

96 = 1 /8”

48 = 1 /4”

24 = 1 /2”

Step 5: Select “Ok” and it will slope the pipe.

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