Role Management in Autodesk Construction Cloud's Admin Console

June 28, 2023 Ramsey Sufian

Efficiently managing user roles and permissions is crucial for successful project collaboration and streamlined workflows in the construction industry. Recognizing this need, Autodesk Construction Cloud introduces a powerful tool in its Admin Console called Role Management. With this tool, account admins gain enhanced control over user roles, empowering them to customize access levels, add or remove roles, and efficiently manage project members. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of Role Management, highlighting how it simplifies role administration and improves project collaboration within Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Viewing and Managing Roles:

The Role Management tool provides account admins with a centralized view of all available roles within their Autodesk Construction Cloud account. Accessible through the Account Admin section on the web platform, this intuitive tool presents admins with a comprehensive list of roles associated with their projects.

By having a clear overview of existing roles, account admins can better understand and manage user permissions across projects. This centralized role management approach ensures consistency and eliminates the need to navigate through individual projects to make changes.

Adding and Removing Roles:

One of the key features of Role Management is the ability to add and remove roles. This functionality grants account admins the flexibility to tailor the roles to their project's specific requirements.

With a few simple clicks, admins can add new roles to the account, defining unique access levels and permissions. For instance, they can create specialized roles for project managers, design teams, or external collaborators, each with customized access to project information and tools.

Likewise, if certain roles are no longer necessary or need to be modified, account admins can effortlessly remove or update them. This streamlined process ensures that user roles align with the evolving needs of the project, improving efficiency and maintaining data security.

Updating Default Access Levels:

Role Management also enables account admins to update the default access level associated with each role. Default access levels define the initial permissions granted to users assigned to specific roles. By customizing these default settings, admins can ensure that users have appropriate access to project information from the moment they join.

For example, if a particular role requires read-only access by default, admins can modify the default access level accordingly. This capability simplifies the onboarding process, reducing the need for manual adjustments and minimizing the risk of granting excessive or insufficient privileges to project members.

Customizing Columns in the Members Table:

Autodesk Construction Cloud's Admin Console is continuously evolving to meet the diverse needs of construction professionals. As part of this ongoing development, a forthcoming enhancement to the Role Management tool will introduce the ability to customize columns within the Members table in Project Admin.

This new feature will allow project admins to tailor the displayed information in the Members table, presenting relevant data specific to their project's requirements. By customizing the columns, project admins can prioritize essential information, such as contact details, assigned roles, or project responsibilities. This level of customization enhances project visibility and facilitates effective communication and collaboration among team members.

Role Management within Autodesk Construction Cloud's Admin Console is a powerful tool that empowers account admins to efficiently manage user roles and permissions. By providing a centralized view of roles, enabling the addition and removal of roles, updating default access levels, and soon allowing customization of columns in the Members table, Role Management simplifies role administration and enhances project collaboration.

With precise control over user roles, construction professionals can streamline workflows, improve data security, and foster effective communication within their projects. By harnessing the capabilities of Role Management in Autodesk Construction Cloud, account admins can optimize team collaboration, ensure appropriate access levels, and drive successful project outcomes.

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