Is it time to replace unsupported technology?

August 5, 2022

You’ve had your software for years, your whole team knows how to use it, and they all know the little tricks that make them more productive. Now, the manufacturer says they will no longer support it.

Since technology may continue to work after the end-of-support date, you may be tempted to keep using it. We want to caution you against this, because obsolete technology may not be protected by security updates or maintained to ensure functionality. These limitations open you up to financial and reputational risks associated with:

  • Lack of access to the technology
  • Loss of customer data
  • Hackers

Where to Start

Since you’ve been happy with your technology, you may not have been keeping up on the latest advancements and may not know how to start the process of identifying technology that meets your current needs. Is there an out-of-the box solution? Would a customized program be better? How do you make sure your existing data is safe and accessible?

The software experts at IMAGINiT can help. We know Autodesk software inside and out, and our software developers can create programs to address any compatibility and integration issues.

A High-Level Example

An IMAGINiT customer had used Archibus facilities management software to manage real property information and processes for more than 15 years. The Archibus software leveraged Autodesk DWF viewer and Internet Explorer to support the sharing drawings stored on a dedicated web server.   

The team was deeply familiar with the process, so it worked. But it was time consuming, because the CAD team had to create DWFs for each drawing and then sync the files to a dedicated drawing web server. This process meant they had drawings on the file server and the web server, which could lead to version control issues.

When the company learned that the new version of Archibus would not support Internet Explorer, they decided to move to a more convenient and secure method of storing and sharing drawings.

They met with IMAGINiT’s Software Development Services team, who developed a solution that included a custom-built program leveraging Autodesk Forge Viewer that allows the teams to view and share drawings and models stored in Autodesk BIM 360 Docs. This cloud-based solution dramatically improved the process and ensured that the most current versions of the files were available for users to access, reducing potential errors and redundancies.

In addition to solving the initial challenge of Archibus no longer supporting Internet Explorer, it also gave the customer the option to view the files in any modern browser and the ability to view files in formats other than DWF, including 3D models.

Contact us to learn how IMAGINiT industry and technology experts can help you transition from obsolete technology to new solutions that address your specific needs.

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