Facilities Management and Healthcare Compliance: Go Paperless and Reduce Time and Errors

February 5, 2018 Peter Costanzo, FMP

Dealing with deficiencies is typically a paper-and labor-intensive process. Many surveyors walk the facility with paper floor plans in hand to flag problems while making notes. This information is often then entered manually into Excel spreadsheets, work order systems, and more. Duplicate data entry is not only inefficient, it’s also error prone.

ARCHIBUS Healthcare Compliance eliminates these issues by taking a paperless approach to life safety monitoring. With a mobile app, surveyors can drop deficiencies directly onto a digital floor plan. They can easily attach photos and other details. ARCHIBUS automatically synchronizes the information entered into the mobile app with a central data repository. Thanks to ARCHIBUS Healthcare Compliance’s integration with other facility management systems, teams can generate work orders with the click of a mouse. Once a deficiency is resolved, the facility manager can close it in ARCHIBUS and the history of actions is recorded for future reference.

A paperless approach to compliance just makes sense. It saves time, money, and is more accurate. To learn more about ARCHIBUS Healthcare Compliance, feel free to contact us.

About the Author

Peter Costanzo, FMP

Director, Facilities Management Solutions<br><br>Peter has worked in IMAGINiT’s Facilities Management group for over 15 years and has held progressively larger roles within the division. Peter’s unique blend of experience in hardware, software, digital twins, IoT and facilities management applications allows him to work with clients to craft solutions that meet both current and future facility management needs. Peter is a proponent of technical applications for building information modeling within facilities management.

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