BIM 360 Coordination and Navisworks Issues

July 21, 2020 IMAGINiT Technologies

We have seen a significant shift to the use of cloud-based technology, and more specifically in the construction world with BIM 360. Yet, while this shift is taking place, there is no denying the importance of maintaining desktop-based software. The good news is, these two environments are not in competition with one another, but in most circumstances intended to work together. This gives us the power and functionality of our desktop software AND the ubiquitous access to our information. We can use online based tools to further enhance our use of the information developed with our desktop applications. Whether that is in the form of instant access, team communication, or full project collaboration. For some time now this symbiotic relationship has evolved from as simple as a connection to the Autodesk Exchange inside Revit, to A360 and Collaboration for Revit (C4R), to now the BIM 360 and the multitude of connections both built into Autodesk software or installed as a plugin.

I could write pages about the different aspects available to connect information between desktop software and a cloud based platform, but this post is about one simple yet powerful feature now available between BIM 360 and Navisworks. There is now a plugin available that allows you to open your models from your BIM 360 coordination space directly in Navisworks. This will allow you to work on and see the Issues created in BIM 360, directly in Navisworks. And it works both ways, meaning it is bidirectional. You can create and manage Issues in Navisworks and those issues are available in BIM 360. All Issue activity is synchronized and coordinated between your desktop Navisworks application and the cloud-based BIM 360 project environment.

One small caveat! You do need to download and install the latest version of the BIM 360 Desktop Connector. You can then download and install BIM 360 Issues.exe (Click Here to Download). Okay, maybe another, this is only available in Navisworks 2019 service pack 1 & 2020.  Unfortunately, it’s not available for Navisworks 2021 as of this BLOG post.   

BLOG_Autodesk App Store

Once downloaded and installed, all you need to do is open an .NWD file you have published to a project in BIM 360. It’s that simple The Navisworks ribbon will now include a BIM 360 Issues tab where you can coordinate issues between Navisworks and BIM 360.

BLOG_BIM 360 Issues Ribbon tab

Oh, and by the way, this works in Navisworks Manage or Simulate. Overall, this is just one step in the direction of better and more efficient coordination and communication.

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