Revit to BIM 360: Moving an existing file-based work-shared model to BIM 360


The option to Collaborate in BIM 360 Doc management is greyed out or unavailable.


The model is already being collaborated on the network or server.


Switch it to collaborating in the cloud.

  1. First have everyone associated with the project sync to central and get out of the project. Only one user should do the following steps:
  2. Open the project with an Audit and do a save as to the desktop. (This file can be deleted once the file gets moved to BIM360)
  3. Then go to the Collaborate Tab and in the Manage Collaboration Panel, Click Collaborate.

Note: If prompted to sign into your Autodesk account, use the account associated with the license.

  1. In the Collaborate pop up, select “In BIM 360 Document Management” and then ok.


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  1. Name the project, select the location you want to put the project and then click Initiate.

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  1. Revit will show information on the status of the collaboration.