How to Move Existing File-based Workshared Projects to BIM 360

As customers sign up for a trial of and/or purchase BIM 360 Design, a common question they have is how to move their existing workshared projects to the BIM 360 platform. 

The following steps assume that you have set up a project on BIM 360. If you have not set up a project, please do so as outlined here before proceeding with the instructions below.

  • Be sure that all users save and synchronize their local model with the existing central model, relinquish ownership of all worksets, and close their local models.
  • In Revit, open the central model with “Detach from central” option selected.
  • Save the detached model to a local or network folder with the name that will be used on BIM 360. (Note: If you save the file with the “-detached” suffix, you will have opportunity to supply a new/different name when collaborating the model to BIM 360).
  • Switch to the Collaborate tab on the menu.
  • Select the Collaborate button.

Collaborate button

  • In the Collaborate dialog, select “In BIM 360 Document Management” and then OK.

Collaborate dialog

  • In the Collaborate using the cloud dialog: a) specify a filename; b) select the BIM 360 site where the project was created; c) select the project name and browse to the folder where the file will be saved; and d) click on Initiate.  (Note:  Do not select the Plans folder when collaborating to the cloud. Models must be saved under the Project Files folder.)


  • Revit will show information on the progress of the collaboration.


  • Close the model and attempt to reopen the model in Recent files.  (Note:  you'll know if the model is a cloud workshared model if the icon showing next to the preview is a box with a cloud symbol).
  • All linked models in the project should also be saved as cloud models (non-workshared) or collaborated to cloud (workshared) separately as well following the steps outlined here:  Migrate Linked Models to BIM 360 Document Management

Pro Tip: All users should clear their temp folders before working on new project as described here.

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