IMAGINiT Clarity: Get your Own Revit Robot

In this one-hour session, Joe Eichenseer discusses how you can automate processes to save time and review metrics to ensure you stay head of potential issues with your Revit projects.

About the Author

Joe Eichenseer

Building Solutions Manager

Joe Eichenseer is a Building Solutions Team Manager with IMAGINiT Technologies, ensuring that the people, technology and processes exist to provide the best possible solution for IMAGINiT clients - every time. For more than 17 years (12 with IMAGINiT + Avatech), Joe has been helping AEC firms improve on their current workflow processes, including how best to navigate the road to Building Information Modeling (BIM) using a logical progression from 2D to full BIM. His years of experience in the industry make him an able leader in the management of cultural changes necessary for firms to be successful.

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