Vault "There are no remaining values in this revision scheme" message when releasing an Item

October 25, 2023 Bob Felton


When releasing an Item in Vault, this message appears: 

"There are no remaining values in this revision scheme".


When releasing an Item or an assembly, the current revision scheme may have no more revision values available or one or more attachments in the Item may have had the wrong revision scheme assigned.


To add more revision values, the numbering scheme cannot be in use.

But, if you copy the numbering scheme, you can substitute the copy for the original numbering scheme, then edit the original in all Revision schemes that use that numbering scheme. Then swap them back and delete the copy.

To edit the revision numbering scheme that needs more values, log in with a Vault Admin account and go to Tools > Administration > Vault Settings > Behaviors > Revisions and edit like this:


If you get this alert message:


Then look for other Revision Scheme definitions that use that Revision Scheme format, in this example, the 'Numeric' scheme format. Change them to use the copy of Numeric. Then Numeric will be editable.

Then you can edit the scheme format to add value from the bottom of the list.

Note: If you notice that one of the files in the Item or Assembly is set to use the wrong Revision Scheme and that is causing the ' remaining values..' message, then you can change to the correct scheme for that file under the 'Change Revision' tool in the Vault menu.

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