Effects of Single User Autodesk Products and your IMAGINiT Utilities

September 25, 2020 Jeff Arbogast


You want to know if there are any issues using your IMAGINiT Utilities when you switch to Autodesk Single User Licenses.

Autodesk is using a new Single User Licensing model.

There is really no effect with our Utilities and the new License model from Autodesk. The Network and Standalone licenses would work the same way.

The Network version would use the Reprise License Manager. When the User launches the Utilities the software would reach out to the server (That has the License Manager on it) and request the license. Once the system knows you have a license available it would start working and take a license from the network while the user was using the license.

The Standalone license, would be activated on the local system and would not need to reach out to a server to function.

One consideration although not an issue is that since the Autodesk licenses are mobile having the Utilities as Standalone would allow the end user to not have to be connected to the Server to use them.


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