Announcement: The Retirement of BLK360 G1

I recall the moment Leica unveiled the Leica BLK360 back in 2016, during Autodesk University. It marked the first scanner designed to seamlessly integrate with Autodesk’s Recap software, a significant attraction for those exploring Recap's capabilities. With an impressive 6mm density on the highest setting, the BLK360 posed a challenge to Leica's competitors.

While the scanner faced initial challenges like supply issues and difficulties with the Recap mobile app, it eventually gained traction after resolving these issues. IMAGINiT successfully sold the scanner across various professions, from real estate to architecture and manufacturing. Its compact size amazed users, especially when compared to the bulkier alternatives available before its release.

The BLK360 also revolutionized pricing, offering a laser scanner with photo capability, an IR camera, and mobile device connectivity for mobile registration, all under $30,000 – a groundbreaking proposition at the time.

For current BLK360 G1 owners concerned about the retirement, Leica assures product servicing for the next five years, until the end of December 2028. Support will follow traditional methods during this period. The Customer Care Packages (CCPs) for BLK360 will undergo a phased-out announcement, and the maximum warranty period will be five years from the phase-out date.

This means existing BLK360 users can continue scanning until their device's natural lifespan. Leica will provide service support until 2028, after which users may need to explore alternative options or consider upgrading to the BLK360 G2.

Looking ahead, Leica Resellers will introduce the BLK360 G2, an enhanced version of the G1. The G2 features 4mm point accuracy with four density settings – Fast (50mm over 10m), Fast+ (25mm over 10m), Dense (12mm over 10m), and Dense+ (6mm over 10m). The upgraded BLK360 G2 also offers improved scan times, enabling data collection in as fast as 14 seconds for a full 3D scan without pictures and up to 1 minute 37 seconds for a 3D scan with full 360-degree HDR photos.

As always, if you need assistance with purchasing hardware, software or training with any of the Leica devices, reach out to your IMAGINiT Technologies sales representative to schedule a time to talk with one of our Reality Capture experts. 

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