Inventor Frame Generator: G_L Parameter Becomes Disassociated After Removing End Treatments

Inventor Frame Generator: G_L Parameter Becomes Disassociated After Removing End Treatments


Applying and removing a Notch end treatment to C-channel frame members will result in the disassociation of the “G_L” parameter.  This is the parameter which reports overall frame member lengths to the BOM in Inventor.  This results in incorrect cut lengths for clients that use this workflow.


Note: This issue appears to be restricted specifically to combination of the Notch end treatment and the C-channel content type; however, we have not tested all possible variations/combinations so this issue may apply to additional content type/tool combinations.  This was also only tested against Inventor Professional builds 2022.1.1 and 2022.1; other builds may exhibit different behaviors.

Below is an example (the reference parameter name/value can vary)

As you can see below, after the Notch end treatment has been removed, the association between the reference parameter and the G_L parameter is no longer in effect.


The underlying cause of this issue has not been determined as of the publishing of this article, but Autodesk has been made aware and they have an AKN article which you can follow for updates to the issue.  Please see the link below (Incident ID: 57073)


As of the publication of this blog article there is no solution.  However, one of our Automation Specialist, Randy Mabery, has converted an old VB script into iLogic for our user’s convenience.  This iLogic rule will reassociate the G_L parameter with the Reference parameter so it properly reports the correct value.


Disclaimer: The iLogic rule provided with this article is provided “as is” with no warranty or guarantee implied or inferred.  All use of this code is at the user’s sole discretion and user assumes all risk associated with the use of the provided code

A few things should be noted:

  • Running this rule reassociates the parameters, however, repeating the workflow that broke the parameters, will break the association again each time the workflow is repeated.  (i.e., adding and then removing a notch after the rule has run will break the association)
  • There are multiple ways to use this tool. It can be set up as an external rule and run on an as needed basis, set to run prior to saving assemblies, or added your templates.  You will have to choose the method that best suits your environment and needs.

Link to the iLogic code below:


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