Inventor 2019 Frame Generator Enhancements

In Inventor 2019.1, the Frame Generator tool was enhanced in its looks and interface usability. The basic workflow remained the same, though there were enhancements in selection and previews.

Now, you can select the entire frame with a window selection method, instead of picking lines or edges individually. Also, frame generator will use the previous settings to populate the dialog box, providing an on-screen preview.


Now, onscreen previews are shaded instead of wireframe. 


Preview for miter, notch, trim to frame, and lengthen/shorten operations are now available.


When changing members, the skeleton sketch is made visible now.



The Idropper tool allows you to copy information from an existing frame member. You can click on Idropper tool and select any existing frame member to copy its frame member definition, orientation or both.

1e.g. in Fig -A, idropper is using information from top right frame member (1 1/2x1 1/2x 1/8), whereas in Fig -B, it’s using orientation and definition of the top left frame member (1 1/4x1 1/4x 1/8)

1Figure A

1Figure B

This is how the frame generator was enhanced in the 2019.1 update for Inventor.

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