Automating the Install and licensing for the Utilities for Revit 2023 Network version

December 27, 2022 Jeff Lotan

You want to know how to install the IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit and automatically point to the Network license at the same time.


This information is for Advanced users/System Admins.

You can use a batch file to install the Utilities for Revit 2023-2018 and point to the network server to license it. 

NOTE:  You must create the folder structure and paste in the pointer (IMAGINiTLicense.txt) file into the folder before you install the software.


  1. Create the IMAGINiTLicense file (pointer):
  2. Using notepad create a file called IMAGINiTLicense.txt
  3. Edit the file and insert 27051@MyServerName

Note: "MyServerName" must be the name of your server that has the Reprise License Manager running on it.  Example:  If your server that's running the IMAGINiT Reprise License Manager is called DarthVader and you can get to it by entering \\DarthVader in the address field within File Explorer, then the line would read:  27051@DarthVader

4. Save the file into the same folder you will create the batch file.


Sample Batch file (you will need to adjust some code):
---- Sample code to create the folder and copy the file and install the Utilities-----
REM Makes the IMAGINiT folder.
MD C:\ProgramData\IMAGINiTTechnologies

REM This example assumes that the path to the IMAGINiTLicense.txt file is in the following mapped location on your server.  You will need to adjust the first
REM  path, but not the latter.
REM Copies the IMAGINiT license server information so the utilities know where to find the license manager.
COPY P:\Post\Utilities\IMAGINiTLicense.txt C:\ProgramData\IMAGINiTTechnologies\IMAGINiTLicense.txt
REM You will need to explicitly call out the full path that you use on the COPY line.

REM to install the Utilities.
REM this assumes that the .msi file is in the same location as the P:\Post\Utilities\IMAGINiTLicense.txt file.
MSIEXEC.exe /i "C:\Autodesk\IMAGINiT Revit Utilities Installer.msi" /qn

The above example is for the Utilities for Revit, but you can massage it to work for our other utilities as well.

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