5 Hidden Gems in Autodesk Vault Professional

Autodesk Vault Professional stands as a cornerstone in the realm of design data management, renowned for its prowess in centralizing files and enhancing collaboration. However, amidst its well-known capabilities lie a treasure trove of overlooked features that can significantly elevate productivity and streamline workflows.   Many users do not implement these tools; not becuase they do not provide value, but simply because they are unaware that they exist. Let's dive into some of these hidden gems:

Item Master: While the focus often lies on managing CAD files, Autodesk Vault also offers robust capabilities for managing non-CAD data through its Item Master feature. This allows teams to organize and track various design elements, such as bills of materials (BOMs), specifications, and documentation, alongside their CAD files, providing a comprehensive view of the entire product lifecycle.

Change Orders: Change management is a critical aspect of any design process, and Autodesk Vault simplifies this with its Change Order functionality. This feature enables teams to formalize and track changes to design files, ensuring proper documentation and approval before implementing modifications. By centralizing change management within Vault, teams can maintain transparency and accountability throughout the design iteration process.

Lifecycle Management: Effective lifecycle management is essential for maintaining control over design iterations and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Autodesk Vault offers robust lifecycle management capabilities, allowing teams to define and enforce customizable lifecycle states for their design files. From initial concept to final release, Vault provides visibility into the status of each file, enabling teams to adhere to established processes and standards.

Revision Control: While version control is a well-known feature of Autodesk Vault, its advanced revision control capabilities often go unnoticed. Vault allows users to create multiple revisions of a design file, each representing a significant milestone or iteration. This granular control over revisions enables teams to track changes more effectively and revert to previous versions if necessary, mitigating the risk of errors and ensuring the integrity of design data.

Vault Thin Client: In an increasingly remote and distributed work environment, access to design data from anywhere is crucial. The Vault Thin Client provides a lightweight, web-based interface for accessing Vault data without the need for installing additional software. This allows stakeholders, such as suppliers or external partners, to securely view and collaborate on design files without requiring access to the full Vault client, expanding collaboration capabilities beyond organizational boundaries.

In conclusion, while Autodesk Vault is celebrated for its core functionalities, its lesser-known features hold immense potential for enhancing productivity and optimizing design workflows. By exploring and leveraging these hidden gems, teams can unlock new levels of efficiency, collaboration, and control in their design data management processes, ultimately driving innovation and success in their projects. To learn more, contact the experts at IMAGINiT.

About the Author

Caleb Funk

Manufacturing Team Manager<br><br>Caleb began his career as a professional CAD instructor after a short stint as a production draftsman, and has 10+ yrs CAD experience starting with AutoCAD R12. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of drafting and solid modeling best practices, and is well known for his versatility and extensive knowledge of CAD software. He is a Solid Modeling Expert; MicroStation Certified Instructor, and has Authored MicroStation courseware for the Florida Department of Transportation. Caleb is PSE and ATC Certified in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, and Autodesk Inventor.

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