Autodesk Vault 2019 User Roles

Carl Smith

Autodesk Vault 2019 has been released with several new features and enhancements to make your Vault experience easier and more productive including new collaboration workflows, new editing and new user and group administrator features.  The improved administrator workflow for the creation and assignment of user and group definitions will be the focus of this blog post.

In past versions of Autodesk Vault, the assignment of user and group roles had to be made from a pre-defined list, each having set permissions and rights, which could be assigned using the Vault UI and did not give the Vault administrator any flexibility in adding or deleting permissions that may fit some users but not others.  One example of this can be found in the role of Document Editor (Level1).  This role would allow a user to do most of the common processes in the Vault but also would allow users to create folders.  Administrators who wanted to control the creation of Vault folders did not have the choice of another user role that would grant all the same permissions but exclude the folder creation ability.

Autodesk Vault 2019 has introduced the ability for administrators to create and edit roles to better match specific company requirements. The Roles Management dialog box can be found under Tools, Administration, Global Settings and selecting “Manage Roles…” under the Security tab.


Before getting started with the editing of this table, it is advisable to review the currently defined roles by visiting the Autodesk Knowledge website. Also you should take a look at the defined permissions available at this Autodesk Knowledge website.

The Role Management dialog box lists two types of role names, User Defined and System indicated by the familiar icons we have seen for a long time in the Properties Definitions dialog box. System roles can be viewed and copied but cannot be edited or deleted.


You have the ability to create new roles from scratch using the “New Role” command but it is normally much easier to use the “Copy” command and then edit the new user defined role permissions using the “Edit” command. The process is straight forward by selecting permissions and either using the “Add” or “Remove” icons between the two permission windows. The search box will search both windows at the same time to reduce the number of permissions to select from.


Entering a descriptive name and a complete description of the new role is important because this will be displayed in the Role Management dialog box and can be search using the “Show Find Panel” command activated from the View menu.


The Usage Count column indicates the number of users and groups which have been assigned the role name. The complete dialog box can be searched or printed as needed.

Once roles names have be configured they are available to be added to both Users and Groups “Roles..” line under both “Manage Users” and “Manage Groups” in the Global Settings dialog box.

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