Automate your manual processes with Clarity Cloud's Hybrid Option

IMAGINiT’s Clarity Cloud Hybrid (the latest addition to the Clarity product family) offers Task Automation and Advanced Analytics that run in the cloud with no on-premise hardware.  With a collection of features and tools, Clarity Cloud Hybrid provided AEC users with the ability to complete tasks both on and offsite as well as detailed project analysis saving hundreds of hours per project. “With IMAGINiT Clarity, our once-manual process of exporting/printing information is now automated, saving us 10,710 hours since we started using it in November of 2019; 915 in the last month alone. The benefits go far beyond the time savings. With Clarity, we ensure all our teams have the right information at the right time. This keeps projects moving, keeps employees happy, and helps us deliver an outstanding customer experience.” said David. David Mueller, VDC Manager, Stellar.

Some of the key time-saving benefits of Clarity Cloud Hybrid include:


The automation capabilities of Clarity Cloud Hybrid let users:

1. Complete repetitive and manual tasks automatically

2. Distribute workload between on-premises and cloud-based machines

3. Designate as many machines as desired to local task processing or use individual machines to complete tasks when users are not actively working on them

4. Integrate local task servers for installing preferred applications

5. Automate task completion at a reasonable cost

6. Free up their team to do other design work


The analytics portion of Clarity Cloud Hybrid:

1. Offers metrics tracking over time

2. Enables the review of statistics for best practices for a project without needing to be in the project

3. Allows BIM/VCD coordinators to set limits

4. Provides proactive alerts based on setup selection

Optimize Your Digital Project Experience with Clarity Cloud Hybrid. Check out this short video to learn more and contact us to discuss how Clarity can help your AEC teams make digital project delivery easier, more efficient, and more effective.

To learn more, watch the on-demand video.

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