Infraworks importing Revit model fails to show geometry

Working in Infraworks and when you import a Revit model (using the Navisworks local Importer), you see a model displayed in the working area (if using interactive placement), but when you click to place it and Apply, the model disappears.

When I see this occur, it usually because you are using the local Navisworks importer and do not have Revit installed, only Navisworks Manage or Navisworks Simulate and either do not have the same Revit version installed or the model is from a different version of Revit.
Icon looks like this for Local Processing

If this is occurring, in Infraworks, and go into settings:

Locate the Data Import section and uncheck the Navisworks based Local Import:

When changed, the Import button should look like this:

This means the Revit Model will be uploaded and processed in the cloud and should correctly insert and display in the Infraworks Model

If available, you can also install the corresponding version of Revit, upgrade the model to that version (if necessary) and save it, then use the Navisworks local importer and see if it brings the model in.

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