Steel Connections for Autodesk Revit

January 20, 2021 Navid Hoorzad

Connections code check

  • ​Parametric steel connections
  • Built-in steel connection design engine based on US and European codes
  • Model accuracy
  • Complete design intent with standard connections
  • Communication enhancements
  • Better coordinated designs and documentation that extends to fabrication
  • Accurate Quantities for Steel BoM
  • Accurate and Consistent Steel Content
  • Industry Standards compliance (AISC 15th Edition)



Structural engineering enhancements:

  • Accurate and Consistent Steel Content
  • Industry Standards compliance
  • Accurate Quantities for Steel BoM
  • Extended for 2019: Eurocode, ANZ, Germany, France,
        Poland, US, India





Generic Connections

Generic connection represents connection types as a symbol and is the simplest way to add connection information to your model. It displays the joined and connected elements as a circle with line segments radiating out toward the connected elements.




The filled circle shows which connected member is the main one, it can be changed by picking the empty circle or by dragging the filled circle.





Connection will always show in Generic form in detail levels Medium and Coarse. Realistic connections are displayed in Fine.




Control the visibility and graphic of steel connections model objects in the Visibility/Graphics Overrides dialog under Structural Connection category and Specific subcategories:

  • Anchors
  • Bolts
  • Hidden Lines
  • Holes
  • Modifiers
  • Others
  • Plates….



Steel Connections Types

The Steel Connections for Revit offers 130 parametric steel connections available in 8 groups. Connections are loading into projects using the Structural Connection Settings. It is important to not overburden your project with connections you do not plan to use immediately as it will increase file size.

Beam end to end

Column – Beam

General bracings


Plates at beam

Platform beams

Purlins & cold rolled

Tube connections


Connections also allow for exchange of connection information between structural engineers & steel detailers through sharing Approval Status and Images of hand drawn sketch. This information can also be transferred to ACAD-Advanced Steel.