Do your facilities have a ‘check engine’ light?

December 14, 2017 Peter Costanzo, FMP

As the world becomes more connected, I question the value of my blender communicating with my refrigerator. However, the ability to put sensors on old and new equipment and spaces in a portfolio gives facility managers the equivalent of a “Check Engine Light” and the ability to proactively manage issues staying ahead of problems, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

I recently came across a study published by Schneider which takes the hype out of IoT and presents some practical advice. While there is a form to fill out, the data in the study is worth providing your contact information for.

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Peter Costanzo, FMP

Director, Facilities Management Solutions<br><br>Peter has worked in IMAGINiT’s Facilities Management group for over 15 years and has held progressively larger roles within the division. Peter’s unique blend of experience in hardware, software, digital twins, IoT and facilities management applications allows him to work with clients to craft solutions that meet both current and future facility management needs. Peter is a proponent of technical applications for building information modeling within facilities management.

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