BIM 360 Part 3: Managing Your Models on BIM 360

February 19, 2019 IMAGINiT Technologies

After publishing your Model from Revit to your BIM 360 project, the Models, Sheets, and Views will be available for your team to review before sharing with the other teams. When you are ready to share your models with the other teams you will need to create a Package. This gives you greater control over which version of the model you want to share.

To access the models, you will need to go to the Design Collaboration module within your BIM 360 project.

Design Collaboration Image 10

The Project Timeline shows you any Packages (Models, Sheets, and Views) that any Teams have shared. The timeline also shows the different version of the packages throughout the BIM 360 project history. Each Team can control which version they use as their link into their Revit models.

Shared Arch Model Image 11

As shown, the Project Timeline allows you to see what the latest Model(s) you have shared are and whether the other teams are “Consuming” (using) your latest models. This is important for Teams coordinate effectively.

Latest Published From Revit Image 12

After you Publish the latest from Revit you will have the opportunity to review the documents and models before sharing with the other Teams.

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