Revit 2019 BIM 360 cloud models error "You are not a member of any hubs"

Cherisse Biddulph

In Revit 2019 you can no longer access your BIM 360 models and you get a message that you are not a part of any hubs.

You are not a part of any hubs


Install the Revit 2019.0.2 Security fix. All updates will be located in the Autodesk Desktop App or within your account on Here are the steps to find your updates: Autodesk install updates, add-ons, and enhancements.

If you are still not able to access your cloud projects through Revit do the following to troubleshoot:

  • Verify you are assigned to a seat of BIM 360 Design from with the If you are not the Contract Manager (Primary Admin) or Software Coordinator (Secondary Admin) in your office for the Autodesk software you will need to ask them to verify this for you.
  • Verify you can access the model via the BIM 360 website.
  • Verify you have been added to the BIM 360 Docs folder permissions. There are thee areas where a user will need to be added.
    • First in the Account Admin Members list.
    • Second invited to the project on the Project Admin module.
    • Third given permission to the folder with the Document Management module.
  • Sign out of Revit and close it. If the Autodesk Desktop app is running sign out of that and exit out of it.
    • Delete as much as you can from the temp folder located here: C:\Users\your user profile folder\AppData\Local\Temp. If something will not let you delete it click Skip.  AppData is a hidden folder. Here is Microsoft's steps on how to show hidden folders
    • Launch Revit and have another user sign into your Revit who has access to the cloud models. If the user is also not able to access the cloud models on your machine add the Revit Cloud trusted sites and reboot your machine.
    • launch Revit and sign in as yourself to test. You can also test with another user signing into your Revit.
  • If you still can't access your model contact your reseller or create a case with Autodesk within your account.




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