BIM 360" Activate your new BIM 360 Design Account "DO NOT USE" meaning

Cherisse Biddulph

The BIM 360 activation site is a little confusing and the bold DO NOT USE THIS WEB FOR IF doesn't help. I find myself explaining each of these all the time so I thought I may as well write them up for others who are out there questioning if they should fill this out. 

All Autodesk wants you to do before you fill this out is know if your company already has a BIM 360 Docs site setup already. The question you would ask the principle or manager is; do we have a BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Field, BIM 360 Build or BIM 360 Glue contract and is there a sites already setup and being used?

You are NOT a Collaboration for Revit / BIM 360 Design contract manager:

  • If you are the one who will be needing to setup projects, invite members and manage the BIM 360 cloud site you CAN fill this out as long as there is not an existing BIM 360 Docs site for your company. You will know if your company has one by either asking around or signing into the site at

You already had a BIM 360 Docs, C4R/Design, Field/Build, and/or Glue account prior to April 9th. If you already had a BIM 360 account, you should already have all your new modules activated in your site. Simply login here to get started.

  • If you are unsure, sign into the BIM 360 site to see if you get in or get an error. Typically you will get an error that you're not enterprise admin user and it will flip you back to the sign in page.

You are trying to activate the new Design Collaboration module on an existing BIM 360 account, as this site will create a new / separate account. If you are trying to add the new module to an existing account, contact your reseller for assistance.

  • When Autodesk is talking about "module" they are talking about the different services within the BIM 360 Docs site. When you have BIM 360 Design you will be able to activate the Design Collaboration service. 

BIM 360 modules

You are using Revit 2018.2 or earlier. If so, cloud worksharing can only be done using the BIM 360 Team platform. If you need to set up a new BIM 360 Team account, or assign a new contract to an existing Team hub, click here.

  • This one is telling you that If you do not plan on using the new BIM 360 site then you don't need to activate it. I say you will always eventually use it so activate it get familiar with it because you never know when you are going to jump to 2019 or collaborate with a company who is using it. It is important to know that the old BIM 360 Team site and the new BIM 360 Docs site will never talk to each other. You can't migrate your projects from BIM 360 Teams website to the new BIM 360 Docs site. Here is how you will move a project to the new site: How to transition from BIM 360 Team to the new BIM 360 site.

If you already have a BIM 360 account and are trying to add the Design Collaboration module, contact your reseller for assistance.

  • If you do not have the Design Collaboration service to activate you need to contact your reseller or create a case with Autodesk within your account to get this service added. 

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