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The default "Install" method to download and install Autodesk applications uses a “bootstrap” installation process. This process begins installing the software while it is still downloading. It is prone to cause a corrupt install or will fail to install the application. Due to the streaming nature of the default installation process and subsequent issues, we recommend fully downloading the installation files to your computer to install your Autodesk applications. The instructions below provide steps to fully download the installation files from the updated Autodesk account interface using the “Download” option.


Open a web browser and log into your Autodesk account at This example will provide steps to download AutoCAD 2023.

Go to the All Products and Services section.

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Find the software you want to install and select View Details.

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Select the version of your desired application and then select the down arrow to use the “Download” option.

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A dialog box may appear when you select Download. If the download does not start then please follow the prompt to disable pop-up blockers and try again.

Selecting the Download option will automatically start the download of file called "Create_Installer_<Application Name>.exe".

For this AutoCAD 2023 example, the name of the file is Create_Installer_ACD_2023_English_WIN64.exe. The name of the file for other applications will be specific to that application.

The "Create_Installer" will automatically create a folder in your User Download folder called Autodesk. In the Autodesk folder, you will find another folder with the name of the application you are downloading. For AutoCAD 2023, the name of the folder will be AutoCAD 2023 - (English) 

Another dialog box will appear when the download is complete. Select "Open Folder" instead of "Run Installer".

Right click on Setup.exe to "Run as Administrator". It is recommended that all Autodesk applications are installed "as administrator".

The application will begin to install. Follow the prompts to install the software on your computer.  The folder can also be moved or copied from Downloads to an external drive or network location for storage or sharing. It can also be utilized by other users that need to install the software on their computers. Users will only need to browse to the location of the folder and run the Setup.exe as administrator to begin installing on their computer.


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