Forms Template Builder Update in Autodesk Build

Efficient review workflows and streamlined approval processes are essential for project success in the construction industry. To empower users with more flexibility and expedite the approval cycle, Autodesk Build is introducing an exciting update to its Forms Template Builder. This update allows Autodesk Build members to create flexible review workflows and obtain approvals faster. With the ability to incorporate an 'In Review' step, assign reviewers by person, role, or company, capture electronic signatures, and enable feedback comments, this update revolutionizes the forms management experience. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of this upcoming update and explore how it will enhance the approval process within Autodesk Build.

Flexible Review Workflows:

The Forms Template Builder update in Autodesk Build allows users to create flexible review workflows tailored to their specific needs. When creating a form template, users will now have the option to include an 'In Review' step. This step enables users to route forms for review before they can be approved, ensuring that all necessary parties have an opportunity to provide feedback or make informed decisions.

Assigning Reviewers and Capturing Approvals:

With the Forms Template Builder update, Autodesk Build members can assign reviewers by person, role, or company, enabling efficient routing of forms for review. Reviewers will have the ability to provide their approval with an electronic signature or provide feedback with comments. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual signatures, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures a clear audit trail of approvals.

Updated Forms Terminology:

The Forms Template Builder update also introduces updated forms terminology that aligns with workflow actions, enhancing clarity and consistency. The revised terminology reflects the review and approval process, making it easier for project teams to understand and navigate the forms management system within Autodesk Build. This update streamlines communication and promotes better collaboration among stakeholders.

Reopening Closed Forms:

Another significant enhancement is the ability for managers to reopen closed forms that were not reviewed. This feature provides greater flexibility and allows managers to rectify any missed or incomplete reviews. By reopening closed forms, managers can ensure that no form slips through the cracks and that all necessary reviews are completed within the desired timeframe.

Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency:

The Forms Template Builder update in Autodesk Build promotes collaboration and enhances efficiency throughout the approval process. By creating flexible review workflows, assigning reviewers, capturing approvals with electronic signatures, and enabling feedback comments, the update streamlines communication, fosters collaboration, and ensures timely decision-making. This enhancement empowers project teams to expedite the approval cycle, reduce delays, and keep projects on track.

The Forms Template Builder update in Autodesk Build introduces powerful enhancements to the forms management process, revolutionizing the approval experience. By incorporating an 'In Review' step, enabling reviewer assignments, capturing electronic signatures, and providing the ability to reopen closed forms, Autodesk Build empowers construction professionals with more flexible and efficient approval workflows. This update enhances collaboration, accelerates decision-making, and improves overall project efficiency. With its commitment to innovation, Autodesk Build continues to deliver solutions that drive construction project success and enable users to manage forms and approvals with greater control and effectiveness.

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