Getting AutoCAD 3D files to Inventor

Brady Scoffield

Do you have AutoCAD 3D files that you need to get over to Inventor in order to add CAM toolpaths or include the part in an assembly? Here are two quick workflows to get those AutoCAD 3D files into Inventor.


Workflow #1:

  1. Export the AutoCAD 3D file in IGES format.
  2. Start a session of Inventor.
  3. Navigate to and open the IGES file.
  4. Import Dialog Box will open.
    1. Check Solids box in the Object filters area.
    2. Name the file and set file location as needed.
  5. Click Ok.
    1. The inventor file is created.

IGES Open_1


Workflow #2

  1. Save the AutoCAD 3D file as a DXF file.
  2. Start a session of Inventor.
  3. Create a new part.
  4. While in the new part, navigate to the Manage Tab
    1. On the Insert Panel, click Import
  5. Navigate to and select the DXF file.
  6. DWG/DXF wizard will open.
    1. Check/select the DXF file circle.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Choose whether to open or ignore external references.
    4. Select the necessary layers to import.
    5. Adjust the import destination options as needed.
  7. Click Finish.
  8. Inventor will create two files.
    1. 3D model
    2. Drawing file (you can save or delete this file as necessary).


DXF Import_1


DXF Import_2


DXF Import_3


 Once the model has been created, you can proceed to create toolpaths using HSM or use the part in an assembly!





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