Fusion 360 - Design to CAM

Anthony Dull

During the completion of a recent flat-pack nightstand design , I wanted to lay the design out to be cut on a CNC.  With traditional distributed design (aka Bottom-Up) this would be pretty straight-forward process.  Using the multi-body design process (aka Top-Down) this could make one wonder how to keep the design and the CAM layout in sync (Not to be confused with NSYNC that's just a horrible band.) with one another.  So, when the nightstand gets updated the CAM layout updates accordingly.  Instead of recreating the wheel explaining the process of how to setup your design.  I found a video by user "2x4" explaining the general workflow. 


One thing to be aware of is when you go to "Align" and "Move" the CAM parts you may notice that the original design is also being moved.  This is not good.



For some, maybe not all the default selection for "Move Object" is set to "Bodies".  Using this selection will also move the original which is not what we want.  So, before you start laying out your design for CAM verify that this option is set to "Components".


The Finished Product.




Again, the reason for this workflow is be able to layout the design for CAM and to keep the link between the two models.  I hope this finds you well and back to sweeping some mines! 

You know you want to.  :)





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