DLT Podcast Features IMAGINiT on Digital Transformation Trends in Public Infrastructure and Utilities

March 24, 2022

Existing infrastructure requires regular maintenance and upgrades. Much of it is decades old and often the documentation is inaccurate or even nonexistent. Instead of manually trying to recreate documentation of infrastructure components and locations, you can leverage technology to create intelligent 3D models that can be used for infinite design iterations, simulations, analysis, virtual reality, and digital twins.

We learned from the pandemic that the more digitally mature an organization is, the better it responds to inevitable disasters.  The time is now to accelerate the pace of moving into the digital economy, realize the benefits, and stay relevant.

We thank DLT for welcoming IMAGINiT to the March 2022 podcast to discuss how public infrastructure and utilities across the world are embracing digital business change and using technology to make more intelligent design decisions; communicate those decisions internally, to stakeholders, and to the public; and streamline construction and maintenance.

Listen to this 8-minute recording to hear Dan Looney, Enterprise Account Manager of Utilities & Infrastructure at IMAGINiT, discuss:

  1. How digital transformation applies to public infrastructure and utilities
  2. The biggest digitization challenges facing utilities
  3. IMAGINiT’s role in the digital transformation journey
  4. Where we see utilities gaining the biggest initial impact
  5. What’s next for this “transformation” in the utility space

About GovIT

GovIT is a monthly podcast series from DLT where host Tom Temin discusses public sector IT solutions with the technology innovators driving the change. Each month, he explores a different technology, highlighting what it is and how it can help public sector organizations achieve modernization goals and accomplish their missions.

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