Plan More, Firefight Less – Gaining Control With IMAGINiT Clarity Metrics

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By Matt Mason, Director of Software Solutions

BIM coordinators have a tough job. They must stay on top of many different projects and some days can have nothing but issues to address – making them feel like they do nothing but put out fires. Ensuring that Revit models are well-managed is essential, but opening numerous models to audit them on a regular basis is time consuming. Fortunately, technology exists that can address this challenge.

IMAGINiT Clarity offers task automation and analytics that provide insight into Revit models. This dramatically reduces the need to manually open files in order to discover what’s happening. BIM coordinators can monitor the pulse of projects right from the Clarity metrics dashboard.

For example:

  • File performance. It’s fairly easy to keep an eye on Revit metrics like file size, open time, and sync-to-central time. These indicators offer visibility into the user experience and user satisfaction. They also are indicators of model “hygiene". Models that are slow to open or sync may be a red-flag about the ways that models are constructed and maintained. Files that are consistently growing in size suggest that users aren’t cleaning up their models on a regular basis.

  • Modeling performance. Clarity captures 19 Autodesk-defined criteria which can help identify why Revit models are running slowly. A few examples include complex sketches, multiple loops, sketch areas that are too large, overlapping walls, and more.

  • Modeling analytics. These metrics shed light on whether teams are following Revit modeling standards and best practices, or if they are instead engaging in behaviors that would be considered anti-best practices. Clarity tracks the number of unplaced views, families used, model group usage, line styles, links, and CAD links, to name a few.

Clarity also enables users to configure proactive email alerts. Within Clarity, BIM coordinators can configure threshold values for different metrics which indicate that a Revit project may be in trouble. If these thresholds are met or exceeded, or the value changes dramatically since the previous measurement, Clarity will alert the BIM coordinator.

Thanks to IMAGINiT Clarity, BIM coordinators can gain greater control over their organizations’ Revit models and take a more proactive approach to resolving problems before they become true crises. To learn more about Clarity and how it can help your firm, feel free to contact us.

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