Why Firms Choose BIM Collaborate Pro for Cloud Collaboration

IMAGINiT Technologies

Firms that haven’t shifted to cloud collaboration understand how challenging it can be to work efficiently with project team members both inside and outside the organization. Maintaining the integrity of Revit models when multiple team members are making changes can be tough, while transferring data to outside partners can be slow and difficult using tools like SharePoint or Dropbox. 

The good news is that Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro provides one solution that enables firms to work productively and securely across multiple projects and stakeholders. Models are stored in the cloud which means that people can use Revit, Civil 3D, and Plant 3D to author and modify project models anytime and anywhere. 

Teams that use BIM Collaborate Pro experience multiple benefits including:

  • Better project visibility. With a centralized platform, project leaders can see everything in a single project dashboard that displays information like current and past due issues, design risks, code compliance issues, incomplete documentation, and more. It’s easy to detect and resolve clashes, create and track issues, and automatically publish updates to the team. Project stakeholders who aren’t Revit users can also access model information. 
  • Reduced project risk. Thanks to better collaboration, teams avoid project rework. A secure cloud-based repository for storing data also reduces cybersecurity risks. Permission settings control access to folders and projects based on criteria like username, company, and job function (such as project managers, site superintendent, architect, or engineer). The reports functionality streamlines the process of sending scheduled reports, like known issues, to project team members. 
  • A single source of truth. Since all users can access and work on the same model, it’s easy to identify clashes, share markups, track issues, and review workflows. The system detects clashes between different trade groups and objects. These can be assigned to users for resolution. Markup and issue tools also simplify the process of creating and assigning issues to team members. Pending issues are routed back to their creator to review and close. 
  • Increased productivity. Teams design smarter buildings faster, while remaining flexible and maximizing their efficiency. Cloud worksharing means that architects and designers only release models to teams when they are ready to use. Model users can also decide when to update their background files and consume updated information. 

IMAGINiT has worked with numerous organizations to deploy Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro and train employees to use this platform effectively. If your firm would like to learn more, feel free to contact us

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