Top Signs Your Organization Needs a Strategic Process Review

Teams know that more efficient approaches exist for getting their work done, but they aren’t sure exactly what they are or how to implement them. IMAGINiT’s Strategic Process Review can help. Watch the video and discover the tops signs your team can benefit from working collaboratively with IMAGINiT’s industry experts. 

About the Author

Anthony Dull

Sr. Applications Expert, Manufacturing<br><br>Anthony brings solid hands-on experience in manufacturing and design, as well as a mastery of cutting edge digital prototyping concepts to IMAGINiT’s technical team. With a clear understanding of the design process from concept through production, Anthony is aware of the issues that our clients face and can assist them with becoming more efficient and productive. <br> His proven expertise in modeling and analysis technology and ability to communicate his knowledge to others makes him a valued instructor and trusted partner to our clients during the specification, implementation, training and support phases of technology adoption.

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5 Questions You’re Not Asking (but should)

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