Civil 3D Styles Drag & Drop (Part 3): 

Kevin Breslin

Default Category (parent) vs Edited Style (children)

Leo Lavayen | Applications Expert - ISD

Using a previously created style in a drawing can save time by drag and drop into a current one. You Must Be Careful!  How the Civil 3D style was configured will affect its final composition in the destination drawing.  If the settings within the style are tied to its upper-level parent category, or values have been edited.  In the example below two separate styles are dragged and dropped:

  • Surface Label style that is following the upper Category/Drawing Settings for a default height of 3 in its base drawing
  • Surface Label style that has been manually changed to a height of 5

The result is that the unedited style whose height was 0.3 follows its host drawing setting and the height is adjusted to 0.25 match the default settings.


In comparison, the edited style with a height of 0.5 remains as it was originally configured.


This is a very specific example showcasing Height, but the concept can be applied to ALL settings in any Civil 3D Style (layer, text style, font, rotation, visibility, etc….).

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