Civil 3D Styles Drag & Drop (Part 1): Used but NOT Used

Kevin Breslin

Leo Lavayen | Applications Expert - ISD

Thought out the years, we have assisted and delivered many Civil 3D configurations for our clients.  Invaluable Lessons, Shortcuts, and Issues have been learned throughout this time.  This three-part write up is all about quirks with Style Settings and issues surrounding pulling styles from other drawings.

We know that if an AutoCAD item is being used within a Civil 3D style (Layers & Blocks) it can not be purged out only Overwritten or Renamed. 


But there have been occasions where the AutoCAD element is locked, although it is not being used anywhere.  The simple fact that it appears listed in the style (even if grayed out) is enough to have it appear as being used and un-purgeable.



When the default for a field is blank/empty, once a choice is made for an AutoCAD element, it MUST have something set to release the selection.  I have NOT found a way to blank out fields that require a value.

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