ABC Pro for Civil: Map 3D Web Data Services Connections

Using Autodesk Map 3D tools to connect to geospacer data via the web to shared servers.  The ability to create Connection to Images, Linework, and/or Point data is available:

  • WMS - Web Mapping Service:  Delivers georeferenced map images (e.g. GIF, JPG) without storing a local copy of the dataset.  May also contain a Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) to specify symbolization.  Works great for orthoimagery and basemap reference data.
  • WMTS - Web Map Tile Service:  Delivers pregenerated georeferenced map images and may contain styles, dimensions, or tiling schemes to specify the display settings.
  • WFS - Web Feature Service:  Serves, queries, and updates feature geometry and attributes using a Geography Markup Language (GML) profile.  

This post is NOT about how to use, how to connect or where to find Web Services.  The purpose is to test how files with these types of connections behave on files when on the Autodesk BIM Collaborate (ABC) Pro for Civil .

Map 3D Tools:  creating a Web type connection:

A drawing stored in the ABC can establish a connection to a Web Mapping Service.  Below the connection to the WMS finds several layers.  Users can then select what “layers” in Scheme to Add to Map

Viewing Drawings with web connection via ABC:

Unfortunately, files that that contains WEB connections will NOT display the created data, this includes linework and images regardless of if it’s the originator or viewers. 

Similar to issues shown in the previous FDO connection BLOG, drawing files will connect to and show Web type data, but drop linework if drawing files are viewed in the ABC online portal.

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