ABC Pro for Civil: Map 3D FDO connections

Creating connections via Autodesk Map 3D to files stored on the Autodesk BIM Collaborate (ABC) Pro for Civil  is supported.  But there are some collaboration and web interface short comings, lets review them:

Map 3D Workflow: importing to FDO data from the ABC:

Geographical data can exist in many formats, and Map 3D can work with many of them.  First, USER1 starts by using the Map 3D specific command used here is: MAPIMPORT.  The dialog box shows many types of files types to be read:
This command reads complex geospatial data files in its varied formats.  For testing here a Parcel Shape file (TL_C_83.shp) is being used and its supporting Object Data will be read in too:

From here, USER2, can open the created saved drawing file from the ABC Project.  As expected, the imported linework will be there.   
NOTE: Map 3D creates basic elements during import that AutoCAD users will be familiar with.  During import a intelligent Object Data fields were attaching to the linework and that are viewable by any user.

Map 3D Workflow: connections to FDO data from the ABC:

First, USER1 starts by establish a connection to the source files.  Creating and Feature Data Object (FDO) connection will have a normal feel via the DATA CONNECT palette.  

In this case, the created drawing will use a shape file (LANDUSE.shp) as its source geospatial data file saved in the ABC Project.

NOTE: the path to each of the Shape file, is set to USER1

Next, USER2 opens the created drawing from the ABC Project.  An issue is clear here: the FDO connected data is missing.  Note the exclamation on the TASK PANE palette and how the path is still set to USER1.  The reason here is the path to the source file (LANDUSE.shp), behave like Full Path and are NOT updated automatically for each user.

This path issue will need to be resolved by any user that opens the drawing, other than the originator.  Simply adjust the path to the source file location on the ABC (USER2), and the content should reload and exclamation marker will disappear.

Note: MAP 3D may use a different color scheme after the connection is reestablished.

Viewing Drawings FDO on the Web via ABC:

As expected, a drawing with basic AutoCAD type of geometry that originates from the MAPIMPORT command will not have any issue at all being displayed on the web interface.

Unfortunately, files that contains Map FDO type connections will NOT display connected data.  Regardless of if it’s the originator (USER1) or viewers (USER2) of the drawing files via the web interface:

The Autodesk BIM Collaborate (ABC) Pro for Civil allows users access files to create FDO type connections.  However, resetting the path in a collaboration environment will be needed.  The other limitation is not being able to view linework via the web interface that originate from FDO connections.  Only files with imported linework will display.  We hope that Autodesk fixes this in a future release.

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