3 Ways to Stay Ahead of Competitors

Based on the title of this post, you may think that we will say that in order to stay ahead of the competition, you must be better, faster, and more cost effective. And yes, those are overall answers, but they are not very helpful. The struggle is how to accomplish them, especially in this uncertain COVID-19 era.

Where can you make a smart investment that will achieve all three goals and help move you to the front of the pack?

IMAGINiT's ProductivityNOW is the answer.

ProductivityNOW is an eLearning platform that provides on-demand access to hundreds of self-paced Autodesk classes as well as online training videos, white papers, and other resources.

With it, your company will:

  1.  Create better designs when your designers and engineers, who may follow a familiar routine, become aware of additional capabilities of the software they use every day
  2.  Work faster with access to a single repository of accurate, Autodesk-approved answers to workflow questions, eliminating the timely and risky method of searching the Internet
  3.  Be more cost effective by minimizing expensive downtime with online training that won’t interrupt billable projects and that also reduces travel expenses

Whether new employees need deep dives into an Autodesk software product or power users need answers on specific features, ProductivityNOW delivers the right content at the right time. Give your team access to the tools that will improve their performance and help move your company ahead of the competition.

“When questions come up, we know where to go for answers: ProductivityNOW. Its vast amount of information and its searchability means we can find answers quickly,” said Duane Liebelt, senior designer, Integra Engineering LTD. “Our expanded knowledge base will help us deliver better services to our customers.”

Contact us to learn more.

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