Utilizing Revit Global Parameters for Building Code Requirements

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Global Parameters in Revit can be used to assign a parameter value across an entire project. It has many uses when it comes to building design. One example would be to utilize Global Parameters to drive mounting heights of the highest operable parts of restroom accessories. The image below shows restroom accessories which have been randomly placed in a host wall.

1_Placed ComponentsTo create a Global Parameter for the mounting height, first select one of the dimensions. Then select the Create Parameter tool in the Ribbon, as shown in Image 2.

2_Create Global ParameterIn the ‘Global Parameter Properties’ dialog, name the parameter according to use, and then select OK. See Image 3 as an example.

3_Global Parameters Dialog Box

In the Manage Tab > Settings Panel, select the Global Parameters tool, and assign the value for the mounting height as needed per the projects specific Code Requirements. See Images 4 and 5.

4_Global Parameters Tool 5_Assign Value to Mounting Height
To assign the Global Parameter to other applicable restroom accessory heights, select the corresponding dimensions for those accessories. Then select the newly created Global Parameter from the Label dropdown in the Ribbon, as shown in Image 6.

6_Assign Global Parameter to Other Dimensions

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