Transforming Building and Construction Projects with Reality Capture Technologies

IMAGINiT Technologies

by Dan Chapek, Director Reality Capture Solutions

Building and construction firms, like all businesses, are always looking for ways to generate new revenue and to increase customer satisfaction. Reality capture technologies are a proven way to reduce design revisions and field change orders, provide more accurate project status tracking, and capture precise data about as-built conditions.

Several technologies fall under the reality capture umbrella. These include:

  • Drones and Photogrammetry. Drones equipped with a camera are an effective way to gather conceptual information about buildings and worksites. This data is helpful for creating visualizations of buildings, as well as capturing data for work site progress monitoring.
  • Robotic Total Stations. These devices utilize detailed building models to automatically generate layout points for construction teams. The process is precise and less labor intensive than manually creating layout points.
  • 3D Laser Scanners. Scanners generate accurate point cloud data that can be used for modeling as-built conditions and for validation work.

To learn more about how building and construction firms are using reality capture, as well as how to evaluate investments in these technologies, check out our new white paper “Leveraging the Power of Reality Capture for Buildings and Construction”. This includes a series of questions that can help you determine if reality capture tools could be beneficial for your firm.

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