Navisworks Move Calculation Error

The move position distance for either x, y, or z using negative and positive feet and inches is calculating the 2 values together.

When using the move type in distance for the x,y,z coordinates the software is calculating the feet and inches and then moving the object based on the calculation. For example -1ft 10in moves the object -2” the software is looking at the feet and inches as a formula -1’+10” = -2”.

Below the image shows the distance the object moved.

The issue only happens with negative and positive values for feet and inches.

When entering the distance use a negative or positive value for both feet and inches.  For example -1ft -10in will move in the negative direction 1’-10”

So, positive for feet and inches or negative value for feet and inches will work as expected. This issue was evaluated using feet and inches fractions units in Navisworks.
Autodesk tech support is aware of the issue and has escalated the issue to their development team, Incident #59755 and #59798.

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